How To Get Boho Chic Style Decor At Your Home

To me boho chic means creativity and personal expression coming together.

It also means feeling at home, surrounded by gorgeous pieces that give that non-conventional free spirit feeling. A completely carefree lifestyle.

Having a bohemian style at home means having a blend of different styles: vintage, luxurious, nature, colour, gipsy and glamourous.

It all looks unusual, unique and very very personal.

The "chic" part is of course, doing it all with style.


The Bohemian Feeling

At home, the bohemian feeling to me inspires my creativity, connects with my free spirit and expands my soul into colourful far away places to travel to and bring new experiences to my life.

Every single piece of decor has a unique feeling and meaning. 

The flowing dream catchers, the dishevelled throws, the interior plants, the colourful cushions, the wall hanging tapestries... all making you dream.

It is indeed a very particular and unique lifestyle, having a home full of culture, life and stories to tell.


Some boho chic decor elements include:

  • Patterns
  • Abstract designs
  • Moroccan looks
  • Tie-dye
  • Spiritual items
  • Lots of different colours
  • Vintage and retro look
  • Mixed materials
  • Exotic looks
  • Warm earthy colours
  • Tribal feeling
bohemian living room with a large plant and bohemian furniture accents
Here are my best tips to achieve the boho chic style at your home:
Mix patterns and colours
White has very little place in a bohemian room. But you can still use it for your pieces of furniture, and then add the splashes of colour in your decor items.
Don't be afraid to use different colours that usually don't go together in a conventional way and mix different patterns.
There are no rules. The purpose here is for you to find out who you are and what you like, instead of following conventional design rules.
Retro Knitted Tassel Macrame Handcraft Wall Hanging
The "chic" part means just choosing pieces that are classy.
Play with the lights
As well as non-conventional decor items, the lighting should also be non-conventional.
I'm thinking lights hanging from the ceiling or on the wall, different types of lamps and in different places in a room.
Interior Plants
The boho chic home decor has a lot to do with nature as well.
For the free spirit lifestyle, the connection with nature is key, and bringing nature inside the house is a must.
If you can't have a garden or a tree inside your rooms, try using plants of different types and sizes and put them on different places in a room.
a colourful bohemian living room with bold wall art

Rugs, Tapestries, Cushions and Throws

The boho chic style means having rugs on the floor and tapestries (or rugs) on the walls.

You can have several rugs on the floor and tapestries on the wall, layer upon layer, giving a feeling of overflowing with life.

Also, use different types of colourful cushions on the sofas, chairs, beds, and floor. 

Cushion Cover Bohemian Pillow Case

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A few colourful throws as well will give depth and dimension to your home.



Boho chic decor includes fhaving different pieces of furniture that very often are bought second hand or vintage.

Shapes and sizes are not the most important. The most important is that they make you feel at home.



Very often bohemian people like to travel to places full of culture and bring a bit of that culture back home in the form of home decor items.

You can also find lovely pieces for your home at flea markets or vintage shops.

Unique pieces that have a story to tell and that blend very well with your home and personality.


Look for the complementary look

Remember that every piece in your home should feel unique but also complement each other. 

Mandala Tapestry Throw Wall

All pieces should flow together and make you flow with them as well.

You don’t need to change your own style or life in any way to adopt a boho chic style in your home.

That's why boho chic is a very personal and unique experiment, you have to try different things until it makes sense to you.


It’s less about doing what’s expected and all about doing what you love.

The full expression of your one self.